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The Exiled Princess )


Feb. 10th, 2009 06:59 pm
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She had felt like a wire stretched tight and set on fire for the last she-didn't-even-know-how-long; not so much stressed as electrified, driven though to what purpose she also didn't-even-know.

Everything was falling into place around her; she couldn't have even imagined most of the things that had happened. The rest she had imagined, but had never really thought would happen.

Nothing was as she had expected.

Everything seemed right, the obvious result of the inevitable directions the people around her would take.

Until recently, she wouldn't have understood any of it.

She still doesn't really understand, not in the way she understands math problems - an algorithm to remember and then clear steps to work through - but she can feel the currents of force and while she had not even the faintest idea where they were going, she can see where they had been.

Watching as the people around her fill in, becoming suddenly more real to her than they had ever been before, like until just recently they had been outlines - is startling.

Most startling of all though, is the girl before her.

And that the other girl hasn't changed at all.

With sharp awareness cutting through the curtain of denial she had hidden herself in, to her deep unhappiness, she realizes that the other girl, - who she had never quite hated, but who she had certainly rather deeply disliked - has...always been real to her.

That the girl who she has let herself think was lame, and annoying, and thoughtless - isn't...any of those things.

And much as she hates having been wrong about this on top of everything else, as agitated as it makes her, it simply makes her even more restless - more concerned with getting somewhere than with the fact that it isn't where she had expected to be going or that she had fiercely rejected this for so long.

She sits down beside the other girl, and tries to be pleasant though she despises the other girl out of habit and the thought of the slowness of this makes her teeth grate.

The other girl is happy to see her, and just a bit surprised - such a tad the other girl may not even herself know it, but she notices - that she is being nice to her.


And things unfolded from there, though the way that they unfolded was really more like a nuclear bomb going off than any decorative paper folding.

And everything collided, in a way not unlike the formation of galaxies - hot and chaotic - though infinitely louder and the glitter on their skins outshines the stars.


Nov. 2nd, 2008 09:08 pm
lylei: (misc: joker)'s a long story, but Kathryn and I were talking and it led to this:

"For many years, the elemental balance was kept by the just rulers of the material world. The Kings and Queens of the Diamond, Club, Heart, and Spade realms were good rulers, and their advisors to the twilight realm (the Aces of Pentacles, Rods, Cups, and Swords, the gateways to the spiritual energies of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air) were their own Jacks, whose talents were many, varied, and always close at hand. But then everything was unsettled by the arrival of two beings whose powers were negative, and evil. Jack Frost, who harmed those of fire with his chill and those of water with his dryness, and Jack the Giant Killer, who poisoned the air and the soil. Were it only one assailant, they would have been easily crushed, but the combined powers of Frost and Giantkiller were too much to bear. The Kings and Queens were killed, and their Jacks were thrust into command. Jack of Clubs, passionate and eager to action, refused to sit idly and went to attack Frost and Giantkiller directly, and hasn't been heard from since. Jack of Diamonds, being the most firmly rooted and thus the most able to reach the spiritual realm journeyed off to see if any higher beings would aid them. The Jacks of Hearts and Spades remain at court, working with the Court Cards to try and keep everything from falling apart."